kouna craft/handicraft of Manipur/ecoingreen as a handicraft brand/ straw bags/

Handicrafts of Manipur  is known for its unique design and also because of its great aesthetic and artistic value. One of the rarest craft is the Kauna craft, a water reed grass that has opened ample of job avenues for local craftsmen. Kouna, a grasslike plant, is usually grown in the marsh and wetlands and is largely cultivated in Manipuris. The sustainble enterprise under the brand name Ecoingreen, is running a successful business and helping many local artisans earn their livelihood in Manipur. More than 250 people are being employed under the enterprise in Manipur. This long water reeds have huge potential for large scale plantation production and marketing of various products such as cushions, mats, baskets, ladies handbags, laundry baskets and furniture. They are eco friendly and hand woven, which is durable and washable. However, to make it more durable, drying in the sun is required. Many local artisans, especially women  Lilong and Thoubal , are engaged in making products out of kauna craft and are earning a good income. Among the many products, handmade bags of different shapes and sizes are the most popular items and cost rupees 120 to 500 each. Bags are prepared within the time span of two days. Different types of products made by Kauna are also exported to places like Annabelle and Nicobar Islands, hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and many other states. It is worth noting that the enterprise ecoingreen is able to generate 365 days of work for the artisans. The raw material is temperature dependent, so there is every need for the government to set up proper cold storage in the area. With the passage of time, the handicraft sector of Manipur has improved livelihood as well as increased productivity and generous employment opportunities for the unemployed youth of the state.
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